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Arthro-Stim Adjusting

The Creation of Science & Technology

The correction of vertebral subluxations through the chiropractic adjustment is not about the twisting, popping, and "cracking" of spinal joints; it's about removing the mobility restrictions within a spinal joint to allow your nervous system to normalize the balance and tone of the muscles of the spine, which in turn guides the a spinal bone to it's best possible position.  And just as lasers have replaced scalpels in most surgeries, advance technology has become available to chiropractors to assist in correcting vertebral subluxations.  As a well researched health care device, the Artho-Stim Adjusting Instrument is a patented and FDA registered device developed to provide a more gentle and precise chiropractic adjustment, that is suitable for people of all ages.

The Arthro-Stim Has Two Distinct Features

The first feature is the speed of the adjustment.  The Artho-Stim is a hand held instrument, that when triggered, delivers a series of mechanical thrusts (percussions) to a subluxated joint for the purpose of removing the restrictions in joint mobility. The main idea behind this instrument is that it uses speed instead of force, thus allowing for a more gentle, precise, and complete adjustment.  The Arthro-Stim Adjusting Instrument is over 100x faster than manual chiropractic adjustments and twice as fast as other adjusting instruments utilized today.

The second feature is that it allows for the variable use of force during the adjustment.  Although speed is the most important element in delivering an adjustment, a certain amount of force is also necessary.  With the Artho-Stim Adjusting Instrument, the force can be controlled and changed (up or down) by the practitioner during the delivery of the adjustment, something that cannot be done by manual adjusting or other adjusting instruments.  This feature allows the practitioner to customize the adjustment for each individual (young or old) and make the treatment a comfortable and positive experience for the patient.

Motion X-Ray Video of the Effects of the Artho-Stim on the Spine